• Marie-Claude Montplaisir

    Co-owner + Hairstylist

    She has been working in hairdressing since 1996. She has taught haircutting techniques for Graham Webb and TIGI. She participated and was a finalist in different provincial competitions in the following categories “avant-garde, men and team”. Makeover transformations (including adapting haircuts and hair coloring) or being given carte blanche are some of the fabulous daily challenges she loves to conquer.

    Marie-Claude is passionate and intuitive. She will create a new haircut or adapt a “trendy” cut according to her client’s hair type. Marie-Claude always begins with the hair’s natural movement. In her search for different styles, she is inspired by what surrounds her… fashion trends, changing seasons, or her client’s personality. She can suggest a haircut that will be in harmony with your tastes and complement the shape of your face. Also it is worth noting that she is a big fan of short trendy haircuts, but also of fancy updos for a special event.

    Endless creativity shines through her artistic talents.

  • Yoan Aumond

    Co-owner + Hairstylist

    Yoan has been a hairstylist since 1999. He has experimented in different fields within the world of hairdressing. Working as a teacher for the Montreal School Board since 2010, he is fortunate to be able to share his passion and knowledge to the next generation.

    His passion for teaching pushes him to explore everything in his reach. Sharing the best of his hair knowledge with his clients is something that is very important to him. Over the course of his career, he’s had the chance to share his passion with a variety of artists evolving in the same field. L’Oréal professionnel, Envi barber, and Tony and Guy, are some of the companies that have helped in perfecting his skills.

    Curious, ambitious and a perfectionist by nature, he is always seeking to push his own limits and try to outdo himself. Hair cutting and hairstyling are his areas of expertise, but he is developing more and more of an interest for hair coloring. He loves blending worlds together to create the ideal look according to people’s morphologies, their needs, as well as the latest trends.

  • Billie Giradr


    Passionate about her craft and originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, she initially came to Montreal in order to study communications. Hairdressing came into her life by chance and her love affair with it continues ever since that day in 2002 when she began her training!

    Over the years, she’s always taken additional courses in order to keep perfecting her craft. She has even explored the world of makeup. The vintage styles of the 40s and 50s, as well as the grunge look, are her specialties. Specializing in curly hair, she loves to help you rediscover your curls or help you eliminate them. Keratin treatments and perms hold no secrets from her.

  • Marie-Ève Duval


    Her passion for hairstyling first began in Toronto in 1999, and was soon followed by her graduation in 2001 from the Académie de coiffure Tornade in Montreal. In 2007, she also became a makeup artist. She would not be able to live in a colorless world.

    Over time, she has perfected her knowledge of hair coloring with L’Oréal Professionnel, especially when it comes to color corrections. She also took part in numerous haircutting courses with L’Oréal Professionnel, Tony and Guy, and Vidal Sassoon, to name only a few. Although French is her mother tongue, her journey has made her perfectly bilingual. She loves to teach clients about their personal hair needs. Being a good listener, she will do her very best to make sure you are satisfied and will be honest with you in everything regarding your hair.

  • Evelyne Pellerin


    She began working in hairdressing in 2010. Her specialty is men’s cuts, but she loves diversity and executing all kinds of styles to please her clientele. Her clients describe her as being very thoughtful, meticulous and patient. She has received training in hair coloring, haircutting and updo hairstyles with Redken and L’Oréal Professionnel. She has participated in numerous fashion weeks, has worked for many hairdressing conventions (ABA) and has worked as a hairstylist for many fashion shows.

    Evelyne wants everything to be perfect and wants to make sure you will go home with a smile.

  • Kassandra Pellerin


    Kassandra graduated from hairdressing school in 2010. While she is adept at all aspects of her trade, she is particularly fond of men’s haircuts, including fading techniques and beards as well as applying colour with the free-hand technique of highlighting.

    Cheerful by nature, Kassandra also works part-time on television sets at Radio-Canada. She also works on fashion shows and regularly attends trainings in order to perfect her trade. Her heart is always set on her customers leaving satisfied, carefully listening to them to make sure their needs are met, she is fully committed to the quality of her work.